Thursday, June 07, 2007

One of the things that deffinately get me going is an article I read today on . Human Rights groups are up in arms about 'ghost detainees" supposedly held by the United States government. Where were these human rights activist when the World Trade Center was destroyed? Were they crying for justice for all those innocent people who where murdered because someone decided America's politics wasn't what they agreed with? Were they crying for the children that were left behind, some without a mother, some without a father, and unfortunately others without either parent? Were they crying for the mothers and fathers who lost their children or the husbands and wives who lost their spouse? No, they weren't there yelling for justice yet now, they are demanding to know the location of some 39 "ghost detainees." They say you never know how you are going to react to something unless you live through it yourself. Well I thought we all lived through 9/11 together. It didn't matter I didn't have any family or friends that were in those buildings at the time I felt the pain and lose just like the rest of this country and the rest of the world should have because it proved if it can happen on US soil it can happen any where.

Where are those detainees? In my opinion I really don't care. I am sick and tired of hearing how poorly these "poor" detainees are being treated. I am sick and tired of hearing how our soldiers are punished for so called torture to the prisioners on their watch while soldiers, news reporters, and others that have been captured by these animals have been publically be-headed for all to see. Has any one of these human rights activist given thought to the families of these poor people? I think not. Let's protect the criminal is always the mind set and then they want to know why the world is so messed up it seems impossible to fix. I was always taught to pick my fights and to fight for what I believe in. Well I believe in the Red, White, and Blue and I will fight for it and defend it to my dying day. I may not always agree to what the government does but that's ok because if life was perfect it would be boring.

In my opinon all visitors from these so call "friendly nations" should be stopped from coming into this country. In my opinion, it's time to say enough is enough and to start looking after the people of this country and stop worrying about the people who want to come to this country. I am proud to say my grandparents were immigrants who came here from Italy and worked hard for what they had and taught their children to work hard and to respect the laws of this Great Nation. I am proud to say not only did my grandparents come here to this country but they loved it so much they became citizens of the United States. They burst with pride when they went to the polls on election day to vote because they believed their vote meant something. They believed they made a difference in this country. Today I'm not so sure they would feel that way. It seems to me the people who yell the loudest and cause the most problems get what they want from those in charge these days. The United States of America was built by immigrants who wanted better for their families. In todays world it's different, people are to interested in complaining about the way things are here and not fixing them. They are too interested in getting what they can get for nothing and teaching their children how to work the system from the time they enter this country. In my opinion they rape this country and then stand around and complain it's not enough.

Now we have human rights activist from 4 different organizations yelling and screaming how unfair we are to these "ghost detainees" being unfairly detained. I think the people of the United States need to stand up and remind every one about how unfair 9/11 was and how unfair terrorism is reqardless of whose soil it's on. Why should the good people of this world be held prisioner so the terroist could go free? That's what they are asking for. They are asking this and every government to give them the right to be free and do it again until they come to trial. They are asking the governments to trust the suspected criminal and put the people of not just one country but the world in jeporady. They are telling us the criminal should have more rights then the victim or the good, honest, hard working, people of this and every country. Some how this doesn't sound right. If a person is being detained by the government and is suspected of terrorism then go through the systems like the rest of the criminals when your time comes up. You may not like being detained but sometimes there's no better way to get to the truth.

To all those human rights activist out there I say, think about your family and what you would want for them. Think about how you would feel if your phone rang in the middle of the night to tell you one of your loved ones was killed from a terrorist attact. There's no way you can honestly tell me you would be able to turn the other cheeck and stand up for the person responsible and beg for him or her to be released. Put yourself in someone elses shoes and tell me you would do the same thing. I don't think you can, I know I can't!

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's time to take a stand

I am sure by now every one has read or at least heard about the plan to attack Fort Dix and kill as many American soldiers as possible that was stopped in it's tracks. We got lucky on this one folks and what are we, the people of the United States of America, going to do about it?

I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about how misunderstood the criminal is today. I sit down and listen to the news and hear about some one killing some one else some where and then poof off they go to interview the friends, family, neighbors, even a teacher or two and every one says the same thing. "I can't believe it!" Well, why can't you believe it? There is a person dead and in this case many soldiers could have died because some fools got it in their heads to strike out against America once again. Some one has to be responsible so are we supposed to blame the victim and give the criminal right? Oh wait, that's right, we are in America! They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Well isn't it funny that these six men did not believe in America enough to stand by her and support her soldiers during this time but, we the people of this great country, have to give them a fair and just trial and presume they are innocent until the investigators on this case make their case free of reasonable doubt. I am having a problem with this.

Here's the problem. I read the parents of one of the young men claim that the F.B.I. is lying. Their son could not have done something so horrible because the United States has been his home and has changed his life and so on. They don't believe it. They feel, like every other parent of every other criminal in this country, their son is innocent and being set up by the police. This wasn't a fly by night investigation. They have been looking into this for the past fifteen months. They have tapes recording training events they did and they have recording of their conversations together saying exactly what they plan on doing, attacking Fort Dix and killing American soldiers. Should we be easy on them and let them go without bail? Should we say it's ok because they didn't mean what they said? In my opinion, no we should not! This isn't walking off with a soda from the corner store, grabbing a ladies purse and running away, robbing the nearest store, although these crimes are bad. No this is a lot worse, because this is treason. Treason against the United States of America and that, my friend, is and always has been punishable by death. If, after all the evidence is heard, they are found guilty there should be no more if, an's, or buts about it. Perhaps if we started to do things old school then the new way of looking at things, as if they didn't care and it didn't matter to them, will change. People have to be held responsible for their actions.

Another thing that is really bugging me is the illegal status of so many in this country today. I am not the type of person to say this is America and you don't belong here unless you are American but I will say this. If a person wishes to come to America for any reason they should do it the right way or leave. I know there are those of you thinking, I have my nerve. How could I possibly understand what you are going through. Well I can and I can because of my Grandparents who were legal immegrants. When they came here they had nothing and they had to work hard to get what little they earned to raise their family. Life wasn't easy for them either. My Grandmother used to do piece work at home besides her regular job, she was a seamstress. Yet no matter how hard they had it one thing they always said was how happy they were to be here in America. They didn't just say these words they proved it by becoming citizens and shedding their immigrant status. My Grandmother often talked of the day she took her oath and how proud she was of that time in her life. What's wrong with today's picture when we have so many illegals that we can't find them. We have so many people who want to work here and take from this country and not give back or they feel if they pay taxes they have given enough. It's time the American people take a stand! It's time we demand our boarders be protected to keep problems like this foiled attempt on Fort Dix and illegal aliens out of our country. It's time we spoke up and let the powers that be know we do not appreciate it if foriegners come onto our soil and make threats in order to make them selves feel better in the name of whatever God they are speaking to. It's time we stopped worrying about using the word God in public places and put prayer back in school and the flag salute back at every public event. It's time we took our country back and demanded one country one language. It's time we let the law makers know we are not going to take it any more so either they do something about this or we will find others who will.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Do We Use The Word "Ho"?

Mr. Don Imus, the famous radio host, is fighting back although that is not the reason I am writing here today. I listened to the news reports of the events of the day he made his racial remarks on the air to the Rutgers University women's basketball team and what amazes me isn't the fact they were upset by his racial remarks that should have been bleeped out anyway. No, what amazes me is they were not upset with his co host for calling them "hos" in the first place. What kind of a society are we living in when it is okay to walk around and call young women these names as if they were a term of endearment! Hello, people! It is time to wake up and teach our sons and daughters to not only have respect for themselves but to have respect for others. Did Mr. Imus make a mistake when he blurted out his so called racial slur? Yes, he did. But what he said on the radio was a lot nicer than most of the songs written in today's culture and that's a sad state of affairs. What he said was a lot nicer than the language we hear walking down the streets but it doesn't make it right. I am not saying that. CBS had the power to block his words and they did not. Yes, Mr. Imus was wrong but some where along the line CBS has to be help responsible for Mr. Imus. After all they have a delay button they can push. The rest of the world falls on the responsibilities of the adults in charge.

I raised three children and I am proud to say they did not raise me. When I told my children to do something and to listen to what I said it was done and they listened. Oh I will not say they hopped to it, they still do not. If we are offended by the way people talk in this world about our children and grandchildren then we need to teach our children and grandchildren to proud of who they are and where they come from. I did not have a fortune growing up and neither did my children. They knew what it was like to struggle in life and that is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact it builds character to not have everything handed to you and to have to work for it. It should make you want to do better for yourself the way your parents want you to do better then they did in life. Yet, in today's society, it is not like that. People stand around and demean one another as if it is the right thing to do. Young men talk to young women as if they have no brains at all and the young women are less then they are and we, the parents, allow it. Not in my house! We have older people walking around as if they are still 16 years old and trying desperately to act as if they can keep up with their children and grandchildren in their every day lives and activities, even in the way they dress. Open your eyes people the world is the way it is because we are allowing it to be.

If I had a daughter on that Rutgers University Basketball team I would not be up in arms only because Mr. Imus made a racial slur. No, my big thing, bigger then my daughter being called "nappy head" is the fact that not one but both hosts called my daughter and every other daughter on that team a "ho". Oh yes, the racial factor does come into play but only after the fact that someone on the radio just called my "little girl" an extremely offensive name for all to hear. My fight would not just be with Mr. Imus and his Co host but it would also be with CBS because they do have the power and the ability to block it with their delay button. If they did not feel the need to have to do something like that at any time during one of Mr. Imus' interviews then why did they allow such a delay button to be used on his show. That three second delay was supposed to give the censors a chance to block it out but instead they allowed it go through. Every one is wrong here, the radio announcers for saying it in the first place, CBS for not blocking them, the team and their parents for only getting upset about part of it. Mr. Imus is a scapegoat because people started yelling racial discrimination but in actuality it was not just racial, it went beyond that. If Mr. Imus was fired for what he said then his co host should have been fired for what he said as well because when I was growing up and even when I raised my children a few short years ago, the word "ho", was not a term of endearment. After all we all know what the term "ho" really stands for and that is "whore" and in my book I don't see it where that is a compliment to any one's daughter.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Enjoy the day, celebrate, but know what you are celebrating for. Most people will tell you today is the day Mexico got it's Independence but that's not exactly right. The day Mexico's Independence Day isn't until September 16th. No Cinoe De Mayo is celebrated in honor of the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. Fought during the French intervention in Mexico the Battle of Puebla was fought near the city of Puebla and was one of the few victories of the Mexican people had over the French Army. There is a very interesting account of this historical event on Wikipedia @ . Check it out and enjoy! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Stand Up and Be Heard

I read an article today about young man in Cary, Ill who is being prosecuted for writing a violent essay in school. The assignment by the teacher was to write a creative essay, there would be no censorship. However when the essay was submitted it was handed over to the police and the young man is being charged on two counts.

Here we go again with our freedom of speech. This young man was given card blanch to write what ever he wanted, how ever he wanted to until someone said I don't think I like the way this one went. That someone was the teacher who gave the assignment. She started to think twice about her assignment and thought she better turn this one over to the administration and have them handle it just in case some thing goes wrong some where in the future. Well let's take a look at our great writers of today should we lock them up or fine them. Should Steven King be fined and sentenced to 30 days in jail because of his imagination. I don't think so. Now tell me what the difference is with this young man being creative and someone getting paid for it. He was getting a grade for his work and following the assignment. Obviously with a 4.2 GPA he paid attention in class and knew how to do his work. He was well aware of the assignment made sure he had it right before he set out to do this. Perhaps she should have considered a conference between administration, the parents, and the student to find out why he wrote such a violent essay but then again she may not have wanted to do that because of the way she assigned the paper to begin with. Here is a young man who has never been in trouble and who is in the top of his class doing what he is told to do and now he is about to be put on trial for it and his dreams have been taken away from him. He was signed up to become a Marine and because of these charges the United States Marines have had to drop him from the recruiting ranks. He has already passed his entrance exams as well as his psychiatric evaluation but he will not be able to join the ranks until he is cleared of these charges. This young man did not deserve to have his dreams taken away from him for doing what he was told to do. Did he carry it too far, perhaps he did. Perhaps the final stress of his senior year and all he has had to endure during his time in school made him act out on paper more than he intended to but he put it into words and not actions. He wrote it as a writer would not as a murderer would. He did not pick up a gun and go out there and kill people he wrote an essay, told a story, most people get paid for this. He may get punished. I just don't see where that is right. I think if he followed the assignment then so be it and the if the assignment was out of the curriculum of the school then the teacher should be the one who is being reprimanded not the student. He is not in control of the class only his work and he did as he was told to do as I have said time and again.

I feel with all the violence that has gone on in the news of late they are picking on this poor young man., making him the scapegoat, and taking away his right to freedom of speech, there by punishing him for his creativity. Where does it end? Do we allow this to continue to keep going on? Our ancestors have fought for our freedoms and the men and women of our armed forces today fight to keep us free. Do we spit on this and allow big brother to come into our schools, our homes, our bedrooms and tell us what we can and can not do, think, read, watch, how to act, how not to act. Think about it where do we allow it to end. If we allow this to continue to go on and this young man is punished for listening to a teacher and following the rules maybe the next time it will be you. Perhaps someone will take offense of something you say or do and file charges against you and with the way things are today you will be prosecuted because to someone, some where feells you are offensive in some way. Just like this essay. I may have stepped on a few toes here and perhaps it will draw some attention, perhaps the wrong attention, and I will find myself looking at the possibility of big brother keeping an eye on what I write from now on. Well I believe in the freedom this wonderful country was founded on. I believe in getting rid of those who cause all this mass hysteria in this land of ours and treating this country with the pride it was founded on. I believe it's time for the citizens of the United States of America to stand up and be heard and fight for what they believe in. Take back our freedoms and let the lawmakers know we will not take it any more we have rights and our children have rights as well.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Right To Bear Arms

I just read an article on concerning concealed weapons being allowed at the University of Utah. Should they or shouldn't they in light of the 33 murders at Virginia Tech?

We have the right to bear arms from our Constitution which states in the *2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." But some people carry it too far. It doesn't mean pick up a weapon and kill your neighbor because you are upset with your girlfriend or friend or because your wife or husband has cheated on you and you feel you have no other choice. A right to bear arms gives us the right to protect ourselves and unfortunately in this day and age we need to do that not just from attacks of war but from unknown predators even in our daily lives of shopping in the mall, going to school, and sadly enough in some areas of this great country that I truly love with all my heart, sitting in your own back yard.

Should the University of Utah have the right to carry concealed weapons on campus and in the dorms? Why not? If they take the courses that are mandated by the state and pass them and pass the background checks then why not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself? These horrible shootings are not being done against people who are known to have guns in their possession they are going after the innocent, the unprotected because they are cowards themselves. Chances are they would think twice before going after some one who might be carrying a gun. Who might be able to protect themselves. Who might be able to hold them at bay till the police get there. Why don't our children deserve the right to feel safe? I can't tell you the fear that ran through my mind the day a stranger got into my children's school and they had to do a lock down because they couldn't find him. My children were still in the school where was the sense in that? Or the numerous days the school got a call about a bomb in school and the children had to leave the school until things were checked out. We, the people of this great nation, need to stand up and say, "Enough is Enough" we want our streets back, we want out schools back, we want neighborhoods back, and we want our lives back. We no longer want to feel we have to live in fear of something horrible happening. The right to bear arms isn't the right to kill, it's the right to protect and stop the killing. I am not an advocate of guns by no means. I am a believer in living life to it's fullest and you can't do that if you are afraid to go outside and sit in your own back yard and enjoy the day because some drug addict or gang banger is going to intrude on your day and there are many neighborhoods in this country who have that problem. People live in fear. It's time to stop living in fear and take back what's ours, what our forefathers gave us, Freedom! The right to bear arms and protect yourself and your family and hopefully never have to use it a day in your life. To enjoy life to it's fullest and know there is no one who can come into your school, workplace, playground, or home and take it from you. People have a right to live without fear and if that means we need to start thinking about the right to bear arms then so be it. Stop hiding behind closed doors and peaking out through the closed blinds, stop being afraid to get involved, stop looking the other way because of fear and start standing up to the bullies of this nation and taking back what is rightfully ours. Even without a gun you have the power of the people, get involved.

*The U.S. Constitution Online,

Friday, April 14, 2006

Listen to the Spring!

Listen to the birds hear them sing their song,
Listen to them chirping as you walk along,
Feel the warmth of the sun warming up the earth,
Plant your seeds, get ready, for the earth's rebirth.
Feel the rain beating down moistening every step,
Each and every blade of grass will waken with some pep.
Trees are budding, flowers blooming, Spring is popping in,
All that slept the Winters days are ready to begin,
To bring some light and beauty into your life each day
A little touch of warmth, a little touch of rain, will set it on it's way.
And when the Spring is ready to leave us don't be sad
For life came to greet us which isn't all that bad.
That life will stay around with us all Summer long
Blessing us with beauty till Autumn comes along.
And when the Autumn blesses us changing leaves of green
Red and orange peeping through fighting to be seen,
The leaves will leave us once again as Winter rushes in,
As we watch the snow fall waiting for Spring to begin.

I love this time of the year! Right now I am baking and getting things ready for Easter Sunday. In this house we are going to have a big holiday dinner cooked by me of course. I love it though! Nice big Italian dinner that when you're done you can't move away from the table. After dinner they all fall asleep and I am left to do the clean up but again I don't mind I rather do it myself because sometimes too many hands spoil the soup so to speak. Right now it is raining out but it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I am looking forward to it. I will be watching my son play baseball tomorrow morning and after that back home to finish baking. Easter Sunday up early to cook every thing and rest in between....yeah, right. I get my rest when every one goes back to work on Monday and I get to once again sit at the computer and work on my book. I have my computer right near the window because I love to look outside while I work. Right now the cherry blossoms are in bloom and I am loving it.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Physical Feeling

By Toni Gamarro-Payne

Have you ever had pain from your head down to your toe?
Not sure where to put your head, not sure where to go?
You really don't feel like much because you hurt so bad,
And talking about it really stinks because it makes you feel sad,
Yet every one always asks how you feel each day
They think they're being sweet, it's the polite thing to say.
What they do not realize is you really don't need to think,
About this pain that haunts you, about this pain that stinks,
Each and every day I push, I try to send it away,
Each and every day it comes and tries to wreck my day,
I can not let it do that, I can not let it win,
I can not give it power, I can not let it in.
With each and every step I take I feel the pain inside,
With each and every step I know that I have tried,
To live each day to it's fullest and enjoy the beauty it has brought,
to appreciate the little things and listen to what I was taught.
I am not the pain inside me I am more than that,
Sometimes I just need for people to know just where I am at.
Please do not feel sorry for me that is not what's best,
Just listen when I don't want to talk or when I feel unrest,
Know it has nothing to do with you just the pain inside,
and when I'm feeling better I'll come on out in stride,
I'll enjoy the beauty that life has brought and relish in it's sounds,
For I know the pain is gone but still it lurks around.

I wish I could explain this to my husband but its hard for me to talk about. 9 years ago I was in a car accident and I was told I was going to ok. I believed those in charge who assured me nothing was wrong but still I had a heck of a time walking. I had lumbar spinal damage that went undetected because the doctors at the hospital felt it wasn't anything to be concerned about yet my Chiropractor felt differently. He helped me and I was feeling better but it was a long haul. During this time I never regained full use of my arms, in that I was never able to raise them above my head again but there was a cracked collar bone and something going on in the shoulder of the other one so I didn't worry. After I met my husband 5 years ago things started to get worse. I was having more and more trouble walking and it got harder and harder for me to raise my arms. A little over a year ago they found out I have both cervical and lumbar spinal damage and they can't fix it. The answers were sorry you have to learn to live with it and it's better now if you do because if you start taking all this pain medication now later.....When you really need it..... There won't be anything we can do. So each and every day I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain and I try not to say too much. I do have some pain medication that I use only if I absolutely have to but on a whole I try not to use it. I'm only 50 years old and plan on being around many more years so I do not want to get used to this medication or that and then be hooked on pain meds for the rest of my life. I don't think I am anything special because there are people out there who suffer a lot more than I do and go through so much more than me and I pray for them every day because they need to be able to rest and find comfort in their day and to be able to smile once in a while. I am able to get on a treadmill and try to work out and I am able to do a little here and there but I guess what I miss the most is my independence. My husband and the kids think an automatic wheelchair will give that back to me, what do you think? I used to drive myself to work, go to the store and food shop, take the kids out, pick one up drop one off what ever I was needed to do. I used to walk 4 miles a day with a goal to reach 8 miles in a day and be at my best physical health. I am proud to say I just made it past the .25 mark on the treadmill but hey at least I did it. I love life, the beauty of it, the sounds of it, there's so much to love and so much to see, I don't want to be sitting in my window the rest of my life and never be able to do for myself again that's a fear and it's a fear that is a reality when I am in pain so bad I can't stand, I can't walk, I can't think. Meditation helps, going inside myself helps, praying helps most of all. I tell my husband it hurts down to my bones and he tells me bones don't hurt it's the nerves that hurt, I don't care I hurt and to me they are my bones but at least I can feel the pain. I have something to be thankful for because I could not feel the pain at all and not be able to use the legs or the arms and then what. I guess, I'm blessed in a way. So you see I am already having my prayers heard and answered because things could be a lot worse.